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Audio and Audio Visual output

Translation for audio is a highly nuanced area and we strive to have your scripts translated to capture the meaning and essence of what was originally intended. All scripts are re written in the target language to achieve this. An experienced native speaker is engaged to record the message to deliver the most authentic reproduction.

All recordings are produced in professional studios with an experienced sound engineer to assist in the production of your recordings. Final output can be delivered in any requested file format.

We are guided by your brief and will aim to secure the right talent to match your needs.

Video voiceovers and subtitles are meticulously crafted to accompany any existing audio visual assets that you have to ensure that it flows naturally.

Our subtitles can be produced in many different formats, fonts and languages to suit your needs. Subtitling is almost an art form as the text has to match the spoken word and concurrent image and be short enough to be read comfortably by the viewer.

We do recommend voiceovers for videos that have no “Talking heads.”

Please contact us to see how we can help you with your translation project.