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Chinese Media Advertising

The Chinese media market in Australia is both mature and dynamically growing day by day. There are currently over 80 publications featuring two national daily newspapers and a raft of Dailies available in Melbourne and Sydney too. There are two key radio stations in Sydney and Melbourne, full time stations in Canberra, Perth and Brisbane and a multitude of stations that carry Chinese language programming.

The Chinese have their own Pay TV platform which airs many internationally popular stations in both Cantonese and Mandarin. They also have their Youtube equivalent – Youku. There are over 50 digital Chinese options on websites and social media such as We Chat and Weibo.

The media choice is so comprehensive that a person who chooses to consume all their media in Chinese can do so without having to read, watch or listen to any mainstream English language media at all.

With a Chinese speaking population over 877,000 people in Australia according to ABS stats 2016 it stands to reason that they would require a solid media infrastructure to service their needs.

Leba are Chinese media advertising and marketing specialists and are well placed to service your needs. Leba has vast experience in the planning of Chinese media campaigns dealing with new challenges on a daily basis. Leba also offers the services of expert translation and production of all Chinese languages in print, audio and audio visual formats. Leba’s Chinese digital advertising services include the creation of We Chat and Weibo social media campaigns, HTML5 Chinese translation and typesetting services for digital communication.

Leba have the most up to date information on the most popular We Chat, Weibo and Youku options available in Australia.

Call us today to see how we can assist in your communication needs.