Foreign language typesetting for print and digital output


Just as your creative agency have poured hours of time and effort into creating the perfect image with placement of text using specific fonts and images, we respect that, and aim to replicate the exact look and feel in order to retain the creators intended effect.

We also vet the material to make sure it is appropriate for the desired target audience. We are aware of all sizes, nuances and material requirements for all Non English media in Australia. We are also able to despatch material to these organisations on your behalf.

We work in all the latest popular design software packages. We have vast experience and expertise in working with output for print material and digital assets, including HTML5.

We also work in challenging digital environments for banner advertising. When English copy is translated it commonly expands by number of words. This can be a challenge, especially when trying to fit text into a small digital banner. We need to translate the text creatively to ensure it retains the intended meaning in a succinct manner. Translation of certain languages will deliver a different sequence of translated words in relation to the order of English words. So when you have a banner ad with a number of transitions, it can trip up the average translator who may deliver a set of words that do not match the images on the banner transitions. We assess the job in totality and make the translator we brief aware of the challenges ahead.

All of our typeset artwork is checked by the original translator to ensure that there are no last minute typographical errors.

Please contact us to see how we can help you with your translation project.

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