Translation and Production Services



We are proud of the translation work that we provide.

We deeply appreciate the fact that our clients love our work, trust that every translation is correct and we are humbled by the respect we have earned over the decades.

Our systems and processes have been refined over 40 years of practice to ensure your results are as close to perfect as possible.

We source the most experienced and appropriate translators in the country to work on our translations, covering over 60 languages.

Each NAATI certified translator is briefed with essential details such as how, where and when the material will be viewed. Each of these factors can have a unique effect on the end product.

Our typesetters are seasoned professionals who actively think about the work at hand to deliver the best possible results first time.

Awareness of nuance, focus on quality, deadlines and service delivery have been a hallmark of Leba since we commenced translation services in 1977. We continue to learn and happily apply that to all our future systems and processes.

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