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Vietnamese Media Advertising

The Vietnamese media market in Australia is very concentrated and is an effective and efficient tool to communicate with the community. It consists of 16 publications, 14 Community radio stations, including one full time station in Sydney and one full time Internet channel available via app nationally with Vietnamese programming, two Pay TV stations and four key Australian based websites. All of the media communicate in the Vietnamese language.

The Vietnamese community in Australia revealed in the 2016 census that 277,400 spoke Vietnamese. This makes Vietnamese the forth most common language spoken other than English.

Leba are Vietnamese media advertising and marketing specialists and are well placed to service your needs. Leba has vast experience in the planning of Vietnamese media campaigns dealing with new challenges on a daily basis. Leba also offers the services of expert translation and production of Vietnamese print, in audio and audio visual formats. Leba’s Vietnamese digital advertising services include the creation of banner ads, HTML5 translation and typesetting services for mobile and websites.

Call us today to see how we can assist in your communication needs.