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Allan Kaufman



Danny Kaufman

Joe’s sons, Allan and Danny Kaufman are joint Directors of Leba. Driven by the same passion that inspired their father, they lead a team of dedicated people with a shared vision of helping Australian advertisers to successfully communicate their product features and benefits to the right audience, in their own language.

Leba are arguably Australia’s largest advertising service provider in cultural and linguistically diverse media, assisting clients nationally in reaping the best possible return on their ethnic media investment. Furthermore they take pleasure in partnering their clients and delivering solutions that contribute to their successes. Having strong working relationships with over 200 ethnic print titles, a vast array of digital publishers, over 100 radio stations and Ethnic Pay TV helps Leba reach some 68 different communities throughout Australia.

What do we do?

Leba are Australian multicultural media specialists, capable of assisting in the marketing and advertising functions of companies and organisations. We have over forty years of experience, spanning many thousands of campaigns in just about every industry and Government department, State and Federal. Leba services cover multicultural or CALD, Culturally and linguistically diverse media planning and placement in traditional, digital and social environments. We offer supporting services in the area of multicultural or CALD research, translation and production. Call us to see how we can help you.

Why do we do it?

From the outset Leba identified and empathised with the issues new immigrants faced when settling in Australia. The Ethnic media plays an essential role in empowering new immigrants through the provision of essential information. This vital information delivered in their language and or in their context connects people with fellow community members and informs and educates the CALD community about life in Australia. The Multicultural media is an essential tool in the formation and maintenance of a successful multicultural Australian society.

Why Leba?

The multicultural media landscape is large and dynamic. The print market is made up of approximately 230 titles spanning 47 communities. A staggering 2.8 million copies of multicultural publications are printed each year. In the radio sector there are over 13,000 hours per week of multicultural radio programming broadcast in over 100 stations. Pay TV has 15 stations broadcasting in 7 languages totalling 2,520 hours of content each week. The digital landscape is the most dynamic with the print editions now available digitally across 70 titles and attracting a readership in excess of 600,000 per edition. There are over 100 Australian based multicultural websites serving over 26 million impressions per week. In any given week publications open and close, radio stations move or change their programming, websites and social sites change their details, not to mention rate and format changes occur.

Leba strive to be informed about this vast amount of information and have the most up to date database of current information. We are continually engaged in conversations with the media owners about the latest changes in their corner of the world.

Leba would arguably place more advertising in volume and diversity than any other advertiser, agency or other organizsation in the ethnic media sphere. Our passion for the CALD market is unparalleled. That’s why Leba.