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Advertising and Marketing Translation and Production

Most marketing material requires a fresh approach when translated to make sure that the message appears as though it was created originally in the target language, rather than reading like a wooden word-for-word translation. In many cases the copy provided is re written (Copy written) in the target language to ensure a flowing, coherent and appealing piece of copy. We understand that a poorly translated piece of material will reflect negatively on the brand of the advertiser.

Our vast experience, spanning over four decades and over 100,000 translation projects helps us trouble shoot before briefing the translators on how to approach the translation.

Often a clever English piece may not translate well, due to a play on words, or other cultural differences. We are commonly confronted with these challenges and are skilled at working out a solution in these cases.

We always ask “who is the intended audience,” for instance if you want to target Greek readers in Australia as opposed to Greek readers in Greece. We would use different translators for each of these tasks. The Greek speakers in Australia have their language trapped in a time warp as opposed to the modern development of the Greek language in Greece. One such example is when we were translating an advertisement for a car manufacturer and it referred to an Automatic transmission. After translation into Greek the word Automatic was left in English. The reason for that was that when the translator had left Greece for Australia there were no Automatic transmissions on cars in Greece, so a word for it did not exist in the local Australian Greek language. There was a term for it in Greece, but very few Greeks in Australia would have been aware of the word.

Our experience spans from large booklets down to individual banner ads. Most recently we have been helping clients with translations for social media. Translations for Facebook are quite nuanced and particular and we are well equipped to handle these. The most in demand services are, Chinese translation services, Arabic translation services and Vietnamese translation services.

Please contact us to see how we can help you with your translation project.